2024 Tournament Rules

  1. All Federal, State, and Local laws must be obeyed or contestants will be subject to disqualification.
  2. All fish must be caught on artificial lures by casting. No trolling, strolling, or live bait allowed.
  3. A team consists of two contestants fishing from the same boat (in the event of a hardship, one contestant paying full team entry fee is eligible) No more than two people in a boat without permission from Blue Line Bass Club officials before start of tournament. Exceptions, Sponsor Tournament.
  4. No fish will be weighed which has been kept on ice or is pale –gilled.
  5. A penalty of .25 pounds will be assessed for any dead fish (EACH). Please try to keep your fish alive. If caught throwing a dead fish in a lake you will be disqualified from the tournament and it will not count towards the championship tournament.  Blue Line Bass Club (BLBC) member and members guest will abide by state and federal laws.
  6. Only 5 fish will be weighed per a team. Tournament officials have the right to inspect live wells before, during and after the tournament.
  7. Ties will be decided by flip of a coin. All decisions of the appointed tournament officials are final.
  8. Trailering is not allowed unless bad weather is presented, this will be determined by BLBC Adminstration.
  9. Tournament officials will be announced before start of tournament by Blue Line Club officials.
  10. Contestants must have valid fishing license.
  11. Contestants can only use one rod at a time.
  12. Sportsmanship, courtesy, safety, and conservation are expected from every participant.
  13. On lakes with slot only one over fish will be weighed per a team the other 4 fish must under the minimum length. Example: on Bastrop the minimum length is 14 “and then over length is 21” so a team can weigh in 4 under 14” and one fish over 21” for a total of 5 fish. Or 5 fish under 14” if no fish over 21” is caught by the team.
  14. No consuming alcohol the morning of and during tournament hours. Drinking during weigh in is fine. Blue Line Bass Club is not responsible for your action or results of your actions.
  15. No fishing within 20 yards of other contestants without permission.  A boat fishing in our tournament may be given a special ribbon to be tied around your trolling motor so other members know you are a BLBC member.
  16. Administration may determine a tournament lake is off limits a day before a tournament starts.  There are going to be exceptions on some out of town tournaments. Blue Line officials will let you know through our Facebook group what those exceptions are. Until advised otherwise by Administration, the day before a tournament, that tournament is not to be fished by contestants. However, contestants may prepare by scouting or by marking points/structure to fish on their boat graphs for the next day/s of a tournament. Contestants must be off the lake by 5:00PM the day before a tournament.  If members are caught fishing the day before a tournament they may risk disqualification for the tournament.
  17. Each team must have at least one First Responder (Police, Fire, MP, and EMS)fishing. The only exceptions are Blue Line Bass Club sponsors they can have one sponsor fishing in boat and a guest. Guest for First Responder or Sponsor team can be anyone who they choose. But must pay club dues if fishing more than one tournament a season. Your guest is your responsibility.
  18. Whether fishing in a BLBC tournament or not, you will be held responsible for any criticism/comments/post/disrespect/political opinions on social media towards any sponsors or members. A warning or possible removal from the BLBC will be granted by the president or presidents administration of the BLBC. If one has nothing good to say, say nothing at all.
  19. The BLBC President and or Administrators are responsible for choosing when they deem safe light during take off the morning of BLBC tournaments.  The BLBC President and or Administrators may also implement a systematic way of take off the morning of the BLBC tournaments if there is a seemingly larger number of BLBC contestants.  Safety First!  The BLBC president or president’s administration will also advise at the start of a tournament when a tournament time ends and give specific details, i.e. your boat being inside of the buoys to qualify to weigh your fish, etc.  If caught coming in late, contestants will be disqualified from the tournament and will not count towards the championship.
  20. BLBC contestants can not fish (spot lock, trolling, etc) within 100 yards around the host boat ramp or host marina within 1 hour of the start of the tournament.
  21. All Spots, Guadalupe and Kentucky bass must be a 14 inch minimum by BLBC standards. If you are unsure of a measurement request to use the administrators CHECK-IT STIK at the weigh station before handing your bag to the administrator.  If you or your partner have an under (14in) in your 5 bag limit and bring it to the weigh station, you will be disqualified from the tournament and your weight for that tournament will not apply to your teams total weight at the end of the year.  There is absolutely no exceptions from the day of the January 19th, 2019 Lake Travis Tournament forward.  The BLBC utilizes a CHECK-IT STIK for bass measurements.  BLBC highly recommends investing in one.  Academy Sports and Outdoors online has the 25″ CHECK-IT STIK for $17.99 as of 12/11/18.
  22.  As of January 1, 2020, military police that are currently members of Blue Line Bass Club are grandfathered members. Future individuals that are military police will no longer be accepted as a member to the Blue Line Bass Club.
  23. Potential new members must show administration his or her first responder license in order to fish with the Blue Line Bass Club. It should also be noted that administration can request to see any member’s current first responder license.
  24. Any Blue Line Bass Club member shall be on time the morning of a tournament. Should a member or team be late, they must find an administrator on the water for live well checks and to pay tournament fees.
  25.  No checks/money orders/gift cards are to be accepted as a form of payment for tournament  fees. Also, exact change in the amount of $80.00 is greatly appreciated. We will not accept $40.00 from a member and have to wait for your teammates $40.00 at the time of payment.  All $80.00 will be required before drawing a boat number the morning of a tournament. Venmo is currently accepted as form of payment at  this time, however, ***you shall make this form of payment the Wednesday prior to the tournament day***  Any submitted Venmo  payment after Wednesday will not be accepted. It is your responsibility not the BLBC President nor BLBC VP to come up with the $80.00 the morning of the tournament.  2022 BLBC Sponsors tournament and 2022 BLBC Championship tournament will now be $100.00 a team or member.
  26. Should the President, Vice President, or administration determine that a member of the Blue Line Bass Club is using the club name for their own personal benefit such as an extra percentage off of merchandise, etc., that member will be expelled from the club and may face legal action.
  27. As a Blue Line Bass Club member, more volunteer participation is going to be required at tournaments and throughout the year, and more participation may result in a benefit; i.e. you may be rewarded a tournament towards qualifying for the championship tournament in October.
  28. All Blue Line Bass Club members shall respect the no-wake zones at each respective lake. Disobeying a no-wake zone may result in a disqualification from an administrator for that individual tournament. 
  29. All persons fishing in a BLBC tournament shall have a life vest (USCG-approved) with kill switch attached (STATE LAW) while your big engine is on and traveling on a lake. (exception loading/unloading boat)
  30. BLBC members will be required to make the sponsors tournament in order to qualify for the BLBC championship in October.  This means, at least one member of your team will have to either fish the tournament, help set up, or help take down on Saturday or Sunday. *Without our sponsors, BLBC would not exist*
  31. At any 2024 BLBC tournament a non boater can not solicit a BLBC Sponsor to fish with them.  If a sponsor needs a backseat partner for a tournament, they may post their request on social media or ask a non boater if the non boater would like to fish.
  32. At the 2024 BLBC Championship, if your partner can not make the tournament, you may fish with another BLBC member or sponsor that does not have a partner.  You both will be fishing as an individual team on the same boat, weighing your five (5) fish as an indivdual team.  Both BLBC members will be required to pay separate tournament entry fees as you both represent individual teams.  ***This also applies throughout the year.  Please note, no non BLBC members will fish the 2024 Championship.
  33. Any grandfathered first responders partner that brings a partner that is a non first responder may not fish by themselves if the grandfathered member cannot make a tournament.  If you are the grandfathered member your non first responder partner cannot be grandfathered in BLBC.  If you can not make a tournament your partner cannot fish. (Grandfathered is defined by fishing a complete prior BLBC tournament season.  This means you must fish 6 tournaments for the championship).
  34. At any time during a BLBC tournament if you catch an over seven (7) pound bass you may find the selected administrator for that tournament on the lake and weigh that fish with the official BLBC scale.
  35. If a BLBC member is caught throwing a dead fish in the lake (State Law) after weighing your fish you will be disqualified from the following tournament. Dead fish are your responsibility, ITS STATE LAW.
  36. If you are caught tampering with another members tackle prior, during or after a tournament you will be disqualified from the following tournament.  A second violation will result in removal from the BLBC.
  37. Your teams chip must be on the weigh table to weigh your fish
  38. From this day (2/14/22) forward, you will be charged $5.00 for your losing your teams chip.
  39. If a tournament is away you and your partner are responsible for paying for lodging.  If BLBC administration receives any negative feedback from the host lodge due to you or your partners lack of communication, lack of paying, or any lack of respect to the hosting lodge you and your partner may be disqualified from the next BLBC tournament.
  40. BLBC members are responsible for keeping a current boating registration, and current insurance.

Rules are Subject to change. Local, State and Federal laws will be followed and all members, and members guests shall abide. If not, BLBC members, and members guest may face criminal/civil charges and or removed/disqualified  from the BLBC.  BLBC will not be held liable for your illegal actions. Any changes will be posted on Blue Line Bass Club Facebook page and communicated before tournament starts.  If you have any question’s, do not hesitate to ask.

2024 Bylaws (ADMIN NOTE-website is being updated, please be patient)

2024 Bylaws

Article I


Name and Purpose 


  • Section 1: The name of this group of fishermen/fisherwomen shall be called the Blue Line Bass Club, and it shall be a non-profit organization.
  • Section 2: My name is Robert Townes. I am currently a law enforcement officer with the Austin Police Department. I have worked for this agency for 24 years. This past year, I started an area wide law enforcement bass club, The Blue Line Bass Club. This club is not only open to law enforcement officers from my current department in Austin Texas, but also to first responders (Law Enforcement, EMS, Fire, and retirees) in other departments state wide.
  • Section 3: The purpose of this club is to help first responders decompress from the stressful daily activities we see on a regular basis at work, to build new friendships, to exhibit sportsmanship, to help fellow first responders in times of need, and to give back to the community.


Article II


Membership and dues 


  • Section 1: A team must consist of one member that is a first responder. Upon membership, you will present a valid, current first responder identification or retiree identification. A family member, guest, or friend may fish with that first responder as long as his or her membership dues are current. That does not entitle the family member, guest, or friend to begin fishing tournaments unless that individual fishes with another first responder. As a first responder, you can have one guest a year fish without paying a yearly membership fee. If you fish with more than one guest a year, that guest will pay a $60.00 guest fee to fish our club tournaments in addition to the team club fee with the first responder. A member and or team must fish six regular tournaments to qualify for the one or two day October Championship (on a lake to be determined).
  • Section 2: Dues shall be $100.00 a year and prorated after May as follows: June through October $60.00, November through December $40.00. Dues shall be considered delinquent for current members if not paid after the month of January and will not qualify you to fish the Championship in October. Tournament fees will be $80.00 a team for each tournament, this includes big bass. The big bass at every tournament will be at least a fish weighing over 5lbs. If a big bass is not caught, the pot rolls over to the next month tournament.
  • Section 3: Any member that engages in acts that discredit, dishonor, or brings disgrace to the Blue Line Bass Club is subject to removal and termination of their membership after the officers review the incident. This also holds true about any of our sponsors.


Article III


Officers, Duties, Election, and Eligibility 


  • Section 1: The officers of the club shall consist of a President, Vice President, Secretary (1), Adminstrators (3), Officer’s (4)

Section 2: The President of the Blue Line Bass Club is not an elected spot. It is a permanent spot created by the founder of the club, Robert “Bobby” Townes. The President shall preside at all meetings and functions of the club. He shall preside at all meetings of the Advisory Board. He will make decisions on his own if it is for the good of the club, unless it concerns a violation of a policy.  In this case, the club must vote on the matter and the majority club vote rules.

  • Section 3: Duties of the Vice President: The Vice President shall, in the absence of the President or at his request, assume all duties of the President. He will also be responsible for the programs at all regular meetings.
  • Section 4: Duties of the Secretary: The Secretary shall keep records of all club activities and functions.
  • Section 5: Officers will be appointed by the President and Secretary, their function will be to weigh and measure questionable fish at weigh-in to ensure that they meet all state, federal, lake, and club rules.


Article IV


Advisory Board


  • Section 1: The Advisory Board shall consist of the four (4) club officers (President, Vice President, Secretary, and Officer) and a minimum of three (3), but not more than seven (7), advisors appointed by the President.
  • Section 2: The Advisory Board shall meet and discuss the activities of the club and offer suggestions to create more interest in the club. These suggestions will be brought to the club for approval. They will also hear and review problems rising among club members, that may conflict with current policies and procedures, and present their suggestion to the club for majority vote.


Article V




  • Section 1: Policies may be amended at any regular meeting by a two-thirds vote of the members present and voting. At the last meeting of each year, the two-thirds will be reduced to a simple majority. Proposed amendments to policies must be submitted in writing prior to the beginning of any meeting, except at the last meeting of each year. Any polices or rules are subject to change by the Advisory Board or President if it’s in the best interest of the club.
  • Section 2: The Blue Line Bass Club shall not be held liable for any misfortunate injuries, boating accidents, any vehicle accidents during travel, or serious injuries held at any of its tournaments.



Bylaws are to be signed before your first tournament of the 2024 schedule.  Ask an administrator for my information.  By signing these bylaws, you acknowledge that you have read, understand all rules, and policies presented.


If interested in helping out, please contact me or an administrator through email:


Robert “Bobby” Townes Jr.

Vice President
Joseph Townes

Secretary: Danny Rodriguez drod3061@gmail.com

Administrators: Terry Gish, Tammy Smith TammySmith2518@2518@gmail.com, Shane Logan Logan Skeeteride1@yahoo.com, Brent Smith brent4143@gmail.com

Officers: Brett Smith lawman361@yahoo.com, Brandon Woodard bucksanducks6869@gmail.com, Tim Glovier Tglovier68@gmail.com, Brent Welborn Williambrentwelborn@yahoo.com, Wesley Welborn Welborn Wrw1911@gmail.com, Brian Miller themillers421@gmail.com,  Eddie Soltys Eddie@fishinginthedark.us

Marketing: Clint Foster fins184@yahoo.com