• My name is Robert Townes. I’m a 24 year veteran law enforcement officer.  In 2014 I started an area wide law enforcement bass club – The Blue Line Bass Club.

The Blue Line Bass Club is where first responders can have a place to decompress, relieve some of the stress from their jobs, and… to catch a few fish! Currently, we have 22 different Law Enforcement agencies that fish in the club.

I also wanted to give back to first responders and the community. We are working on raising funds and donations to support:

  • first responders that are injured on the job
  • families that have lost a first responder
  • loved ones of first responders that that are sick
  • supporting local community events

We are working on doing things like putting line recycling bins in area lakes to keep them beautiful.

As of now, you must be a first responder (law enforcement, fire, EMS, and/or a retiree) to join this club. A first responder can bring a non-responder (family, friend, wife, girlfriend, or son/daughter) to fish if they desire.

We would love for you to join and be apart of the stress-free fun. We have been blessed to have an awesome group of sponsors that donate to our tournaments.

Our 2024 sponsors included: COMING SOON

As our gratitude to our sponsors, we have opened up our tournaments to them as well.

This club is not only open to officers in my department but also to officers in any other department within Texas. Our club currently has 44 fishing teams, and we are looking to expand this number; so, come out and fish with us.

For general updates and information also look us up on our Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/groups/1689453484677520/?ref=group_header


Robert Townes